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Re stringing 

Sometimes older pianos need to be re strung when the original strings have started to rust or can no longer hold the tension of being tuned to concert pitch. When we have an older or antique piano that needs this we use one of our colleagues in the trade to re string the piano and help us bring the instrument back to its former glory.

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A quick look at what we do in the piano workshop

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All of our pianos are tuned to concert pitch by experienced and skilled piano tuners.

Hire pianos - Grands and uprights

Hammer shaping

Some pianos can really benefit from having their hammers re shaped. This process involves sanding off divots made in the felt of the hammer head from hitting the strings which over time effect the tone of the piano. Once re shaped and rounded off to the correct shape, in the piano shop, the tone of the piano is drastically improved.


​​Here at Newlands Pianos in Edinburgh we offer a wide range of pianos for all needs. You can find anything from 200 year old antique grands and uprights, quality reconditioned pianos, second hand student level pianos to brand new upright and grand pianos in a wide range of finishes from some of the best piano manufacturers across the world.
If you find a piano, you like and would like the case re finished to match your personal tastes we can also arrange for this work to be done too at a very competitive price and have the work carried out by very skilled and experienced French polishers.

We love to hear from customers and help them find exactly what it is they need for their playing needs and can offer our opinion with help from our experienced tuners, technicians and pianists to help find them the perfect piano.

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Pianos are regulated in order to get rid of any lost motion from between the keys and the pianos action. Hammer rails are adjusted to correct the distance between the hammers and strings. Along with many other adjustments this process improves the touch and accuracy of the piano.

Case work

​When cleaning the case work of our pianos, depending on the finish and the wood, we use a selection of polishes, waxes and oils in order to clean and rejuvenate the wood and remove marks and damages it may have received over the years. The brass hard ware is polished to a high shine, keys cleaned and the felts replaced with new vibrant materials. If the case work is particularly poor we can arrange for the case to be completely re done- Stripped, stained and finished in a polish of your choosing.