Manufacturer: Aeolian
Type: Upright
Strung: Over strung 
Dampers: Under damper 
Circa: 1920's
Serial number: 30555
Keys: 85 original tops
Condition: Good / Used
Width: 4ft 8.5"
Height: 4ft
Depth: 2ft 2"
Wood: Mahogany
Cosmetics: Good cosmetic condition, some signs of wear. See pictures.

Price: £675.00


An Aeolian upright pianola piano made in the 1920's in a mahogany case and 85 note keyboard. The piano is tuned to concert pitch and playing nicely with medium touch weight, responsive action and impressive sound. The pianola mechanism is working still and in original condition. The case work has some marks here and there from age as you would expect. Over all a nice vintage piano with the added fun benefit of having the player mechanism- The pianola comes with a large selection of music rolls too.