Manufacturer: Bentley
Type: Upright 
Serial No: 1954276
Circa: Brand new
Strung: Over strung 
Dampened: Under damper 
Keys: 88 original 
Condition: Ex display / New
Height: 4ft
Width: 4ft 10"
Depth: 2ft
Wood: Ebony 
Cosmetics: Very good condition condition.

Reduced Price: £3500.00

This Bentley UP-121 classic style upright piano is an excellent quality instrument with the added benefit of having a soft-close fallboard. This particular piano has very good performance standards which compete and match with some of the more expensive uprights on the market. The piano plays with a powerful sound, wide dynamic range and a rewarding sensitive responsive keyboard action - Making this an ideal beginners piano but also more than suitable for the more advance piano player.

This piano is our ex display model and being sold at a discounted price.