This brand new Bentley piano would make an excellent upright for a wide range of players, from beginners to the more advance level piano player. The piano plays with an even medium weight touch across the keyboard with a very responsive action and clear tone with a deep sonorous bass. This piano also has the added benefit of being fitted with a silent system- This allows the player to fully enjoy the acoustic piano and then switch to the silent mode when needed for practise or not to disturb others. This system also has inbuilt demo modes for practising along with and comes with headphones and user manual. 
Bentley 112cm MODERN is a compact stylish upright piano ideally suited for restricted access accommodation. Unique amongst pianos of this style the MODERN is taller than other alternatives with a larger soundboard and string length to enhance tone and dynamic range.

*This model is also available, in black or white, without the silent system for only £2950.00 - Please ask for more information.

Manufacturer: Bentley 
Type: Upright 
Serial No: 1810829 
Model: Modern - Silent 
Circa: Brand new 
Strung: Over strung 
Dampened: Over damper 
Pedals : 3 
Keys: 88 Original tops 
Condition: Excellent / New 
Width: 4ft 9" 
Height: 3ft 8" 
Depth: 2ft 
Wood: Black polyester 
Cosmetics: Excellent condition.


Price: £4000.00