Manufacturer: Bentley 
Type: Upright 
Serial No: 1891581 
Model: Modern 
Circa: Brand new 
Strung: Over strung 
Dampened: Over damper 
Pedals : 3 
Keys: 88 Original tops 
Condition: Excellent / New 
Width: 4ft 9" 
Height: 3ft 8" 
Depth: 2ft 
Wood: White polyester 
Cosmetics: Excellent condition

Price: £2750.00


Bentley 112cm MODERN is a compact stylish upright piano ideally suited for restricted access accommodation. Unique amongst pianos of this style the MODERN is taller than other alternatives with a larger soundboard and string length to enhance tone and dynamic range. This piano plays with a light responsive action and a clear bright tone- ideal for a wide range of piano players.