This C. Bechstein upright piano is both a stunning and quality piano. Currently all of the piano still in original condition with some work needed to improve the action for playing, the piano is being sold as is for decorative use or for further restoration. 

The case is an Arts & Crafts design with large mahogany panels highly decorated with elaborate fret work and large brass hinges and embellishments. These styles of pianos are often seen but rarely as large and extravagant as this particular model. 

The piano was made between 1895 and 1895 and features its original key tops on a full 88 note keyboard which are all in excellent  condition with no chips or cracks. The case work has some damage here and there with some scuffs and small chips to parts such as the feet and trim- however over all the piano looks very nice and quiet striking in appearance due to its very large size. 

The music desk is hidden behind two hinged doors on the front panel which once open reveal another display of the craftsmanship that went into making this piano. 

In its current state the piano would need some renovation work to its action in order to make it suitable to be played properly and there for is being sold as is as a remarkable piece of furniture and a very unique instrument by one of the worlds top piano manufacturers. 

Manufacturer: C. Bechstein
Type: Upright
Serial No: 35753
Circa: 1894/95
Keys: 88 Original tops 
Condition: Good / Used 
Height: 4ft 6"
Width: 5ft 6"
Depth: 2ft 4"
Wood: Mahogany
Cosmetics: Good condition over all, with marks here and there from age and some chips.

Price: £2000.00

C. Bechstein