C. Bechstein

A rare and one of a kind art case C. Bechstein grand piano, fully rebuilt to a very high standard with original hand finish French polish. 

The piano was built between 1905 and 1906 and its case was designed by a selected small team of cabinet makers. the piano body sits on top of a one piece solid frame which features carvings and turned legs along with curved beams around the base. The piano case its self is styled in a harpsichord style case and has a subtle panel work around the sides. 

This piano after being rebuilt was kept in private collection and has rarely been played there for it is in extremely good condition and more than suitable for a serious musician looking for a rare and stunning grand piano.

Manufacturer: C. Bechstein
Type: Grand
Strung: Over strung 
Dampers: Over damper 
Circa: 1905/06
Serial number: 74068
Model: B
Keys: 88 notes 
Condition: Excellent / Used 
Width: 5ft 
Length: 6ft 8"
Wood: Rosewood
Cosmetics: Mint condition

Price: £14,000.00