Manufacturer: Elcke, Paris
Type: Upright 
Strung: Straight Strung
Dampers: Over damper 
Serial No: 6476
Circa: 1860's
Keys: 85 tops plastic 
Condition: Good / Used 
Height: 3ft 10"
Width: 4ft 5"
Depth: 2ft 
Wood: Rosewood
Cosmetics: Overall the case work good.  See pictures.

Price: £450.00


In a rosewood case with decorative candle sconces and stands, this Elcke upright piano made in the 1860's in Paris is in good condition and its case work has been well looked after. The Rosewood case is finished with sculpted legs and gilded handles on each side. Although the pianos action still works and the piano plays, it is of an age where it is best suited as mainly decorative rather than a piano for learning on, however all of the keys do play, they have been levelled and action regulated to improve the touch. And along with pedals and stings in tact and it is tuned to concert pitch and holding its tune well.