Upright & Grand Piano Hire

If you have an event or a function that you need a piano for, we can provide you with what you need.

We offer a wide selection of modern, high gloss finish pianos in various sizes.

Event Hire Pianos

From small uprights and baby grands for the more intimate performances, to large uprights and recital grands for larger venues.

Should you require a more traditional or antique piano for a specific purpose, we can also provide you with various options.

The piano (grand or upright) comes with an adjustable stool and will be tuned for your event. Hire rates vary on duration of the event, location and what type of piano you require.

Should you have any questions with regards to hiring a piano from us, please get in touch for more information and prices.


We also offer home rental pianos for those who want to try out a piano before deciding whether or not to purchase one.

Or for those who know they only need a piano for set amount of time in their home.

Flexible rental periods and a wide range of both new and used pianos available for renting.

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