A stunning baby grand piano by Hofmann, originally made in the 1920s to 1930's and has been very well looked after over the years. This piano has been rebuilt recently with work including but not limited to- restrung and new Abel hammers installed, new dampers and felts and the case work completely re polished. The bass is deep and sonorous with a clear treble section which resonates very well - being a small baby grand it is ideal size for a domestic use piano but also more than suitable for the more experienced piano player. The case is finished in a dark satin mahogany with highly polished brass hardware.

This piano really must be seen and played to truly appreciate how well it can perform. 


Manufacturer: Hofmann
Type: Baby grand
Serial No: 10377
Circa: 1920s-30s
Strung: Over Strung
Dampened: Over damper
Keys: 85 Original tops
Condition: Very good / Used
Width: 4ft 6"
Length: 4ft 8"
Wood: Mahogany
Cosmetics: Case work is in excellent  condition with it being re finished. See pictures.

Price: Sold.