Kayserburg Artists establishes Pearl River, the World largest piano maker, able to challenge even the longest established European piano makers. Following over 60 years of piano making Pearl River have selected a small team of their most experienced piano makers to work in a traditional European style guild system. Hand crafting beautiful instruments under the watchful eye and individual quality inspection of a European master piano maker living in China.

Kayserburg Artists Series pianos are being marketed internationally and have already attracted the attention of some of the most demanding critics. In fact, the Larry Fine Piano Buyer deemed the KA132B a staff favourite and musical standout with a lovely, singing tone. The KA132B was compared in a blind test with European pianos costing up to three times as much. An amazing 90% of the judging panel, composed of musicians and technicians, believed the Kayserburg to be the most expensive.

German Renner hammers are hand shaped to bring the finest tone from the German Roslau string wire, solid maple caped bridge and European Siberian solid Spruce hand selected soundboard.
Suitable both for the finest pianist looking for a performance instrument to practice upon. Right through to the beginner, who aspires to own a truly wonderful piano and enjoy for many years to come.


Manufacturer: Kayserburg
Type: Upright
Strung: Over strung 
Dampers: Under damper 
Circa: Brand new
Serial number: 1313936
Keys: 88 original tops
Condition: Very Good / New
Width: 5ft 1"
Height: 4ft 4"
Depth: 2ft 1"
Wood: Ebony
Cosmetics: Excellent condition. See pictures.

Price: £6600.00