Manufacturer: Kayserburg
Type: Upright 
Serial No: 1807515
Circa: Brand new
Strung: Overstrung 
Dampened: Under damper 
Keys: 88 Original tops 
Condition:Very  Good / New
Height: 4ft
Width: 5ft 
Depth: 2ft 1"
Wood: Walnut
Cosmetics: Excellent condition.

Price: Sold.

Kayserburg pianos are the premium piano brand of Pearl River, the largest piano manufacturer in the world. The Kayserburg UH series has been created by a famed Swiss piano designer. The UH series incorporate many features usually found only in more expensive brands. With advanced design and high quality materials, the Kayserburg UH123 produces a warm, rounded tone and has a reliable and even keyboard touch. An excellent instrument for players at all levels. Specification includes a solid spruce tapered engineered soundboard, Renner hammers (Germany), Roslau steel strings (Germany), Hand-wound bass strings, Sand cast high quality pig-iron plate, Real ebony sharp keys and a child friendly slow close fallboard.

This piano is being sold for considerably less than its recommended retail price.