Manufacturer: Kessels
Type: Upright
Strung: Over strung 
Dampers: Under damper 
Circa: 1940's
Serial number: 40667
Keys: 85 original tops
Condition: Very Good / Used
Width: 4ft 5"
Height: 4ft
Depth: 1ft 10"
Wood: Satin mahogany
Cosmetics: Excellent condition. See pictures.

Price: £1200.00

A lovely vintage upright piano by Kessels, circa 1940's, finished in a satin mahogany case with an 85 note keyboard. This piano has been reconditioned in the past, along with a full re polish of the case work making this upright look fantastic and in excellent cosmetic condition. The piano plays very nicely with a light to medium touch weight and very responsive action. The action has been regulated and the piano tuned to concert pitch. This upright has a very nice clear tone throughout. 

This would make a great piano for a wide range of players, from beginners to intermediate level.