A stunning traditional upright piano by Metz, originally made in the 1920's this piano is still in very good condition. The piano has been reconditioned in the past including having its case work re done in a dark mahogany satin finish- which is in excellent shape. The piano plays with a light responsive touch, its action regulated and tuned to concert pitch. The tone is bright and clear in its top treble end and deep in the bass. This upright would make a great beginners, but still more than suitable for intermediate level players.

Manufacturer: Metz
Type: Upright
Strung: Over strung 
Dampers: Under damper 
Circa: 1920's
Serial number: 3220
Keys: 85 plastic tops
Condition: Very good / Used
Width: 4ft 8"
Height: 4ft 1.5"
Depth: 2ft 
Wood: Mahogany satin
Cosmetics: Very good condition. See pictures.

Price: £1200.00