The EU110 is a contemporary, exceptionally good value family piano. Featuring brass hardware, pedals and castors this model has a fresh, clean and attractive style. All Pearl River quality materials and processes are found throughout the pianos c8,000 moving parts, including vertically laminated bridges for durability and crown retention, a responsive action allowing for a broad dynamic range, and quality hardwoods.

Ideal for beginners or already experienced piano players.

Pearl River

Manufacturer: Pearl River
Type: Upright 
Serial No: 1910550
Circa: Brand new
Strung: Over strung 
Dampened: Under damper 
Keys: 88 Original tops 
Condition: Very Good / New
Height: 3ft 7"
Width: 4ft 10"
Depth: 1ft 10.5"
Wood: Ebony
Cosmetics: Excellent condition.

Price: £2500.00