Manufacturer: Ritmuller
Type: Grand
Serial No: 955692
Circa: 2003
Keys: 88 Plastic

Strung: Over strung

Dampers: Over damper
Condition: Very good / Used
Width: 4ft 10"

Length: 6ft

Wood: Black high gloss
Cosmetics: The case has some small marks or signs of use, over all very nice condition. See pictures.

Price: £5250.00


This Ritmuller grand is in very good condition for being a second hand instrument. From inspection it is clear to see that the piano has barely been played since it was new in 2003 and therefor is in very good condition. The case work is finished in a high gloss black and with highly polished brass hardware this piano makes a stunning statement as well as being a very good quality instrument. The piano plays with a medium to light touch, very responsive action and is enjoyable to play. The tone is even throughout the keyboard with a deep sonorous bass and clear top treble- Tuned to concert pitch.

This piano would be more than suitable for any beginner as well as being more than capable of keeping up with more experienced piano players with a more advanced repertoire.