Manufacturer: Rogers
Type: Upright 
Serial No: 50623
Circa: 1976
Strung: Over strung 
Dampened: Under damper 
Keys: 88 Original tops 
Condition: Good / Used 
Height: 3ft 5"
Width: 4ft 6"
Depth: 1ft 8" 
Wood: Satin walnut
Cosmetics: Good condition over all, with few small marks from age.


Price: £900.00




A lovely little upright piano made by Rogers and finished in a very nice satin walnut case. The piano was made between 1975 and 1976  and still performs very well. Full 88 note keyboard with its original tops in excellent condition, over strung and under damper and tuned to concert pitch. The piano plays very well and produces an impressive sound from its clear top treble to a deep bass - Very good for such a small compact piano. Ideal for beginners or intermediate level piano players.