This Hagspiel baby grand piano is a stunning instrument in looks and sound. Made in the 189o's this piano remains in very good condition. The piano has been reconditioned in the past including the case work being re finished, new felts and fully re strung. The piano has an 85 note keyboard with plastic tops in excellent condition. The action of the piano has been regulated making it play very nicely with a light responsive touch, new felts and hammers were also installed previously. The tone is typical of a good German made grand- a deep bass with a good sustain and a lovely clear top treble. Tuned to concert pitch. 

The black case is also in good condition with few marks, having been re finished in recent years in a satin finish. This piano would look stunning in someones home who is looking for a good quality antique instrument. 

Manufacturer: Hagspiel
Type: Baby Grand
Strung: Over strung 
Dampers: Over damper 
Serial No: Unknown
Circa: 1890's
Keys: 85 plastic tops
Condition: Good  / Used 
Width: 4ft 8"
Length: 4ft 11"
Wood: Ebony
Cosmetics: The case has been re finished at some point and in good shape for its age.

Price: £1450.00