Manufacturer: Steinway & Sons
Type: Upright 
Strung: Over strung 
Dampers: Under damper 
Serial No: 70512
Circa: 1891
Keys: 85 Original tops 
Condition: Good / Used 
Height: 4ft 2"
Width: 5ft
Depth: 2ft 3"
Wood: Ebony
Cosmetics: Overall the case work is in fair shape for its age. Marks here and there, small scuffs and chips. See pictures.

Price: £2250.00

A lovely antique upright piano by Steinway & Sons made around 1891 with an ebonised case in fair condition and original tops on its 85 note keyboard. The piano has been tuned to concert pitch and is playing nicely with a light touch and clear tone. The piano can produce great dynamics with a good bass and clear top treble. 

This upright would be ideal for someone looking for a nice antique piano that is easy to play and has a great sound, along with it being a very attractive piece of furniture with lots of character. 

Steinway & Sons