Manufacturer: WM. Thomson
Type: Upright 
Strung: Straight strung 
Dampers: Over damper 
Serial No: 23795
Circa: 1930/40
Keys: 85 Original tops 
Condition: Good / Used 
Height: 3ft 10"
Width: 4ft 5"
Depth: 1ft 9"
Wood: Walnut
Cosmetics: Overall the case work is in  good shape for its age. Some marks here and there. See pictures.

Price: £675.00

A lovely vintage upright piano by WM. Thomson made around 1930 to 1940 with a walnut case in good condition and original tops on its 85 note keyboard. The piano has been tuned to concert pitch and is playing nicely with a light touch and clear tone. The piano can produce great dynamics with a deep bass and clear top treble. 

This upright would be ideal for someone looking for a nice vintage piano that is easy to play and has a great sound, along with it being a very attractive piece of furniture with lots of character. 

WM. Thomson